Fully restored from £39,950*

*Price is in GBP (£) and includes UK delivery and VAT. Based on a 90 specification rebuilt to as new factory specification inside and out Price is on the road inc. VAT.  If you already own a Defender then please contact us with your requirements and we will of course be happy to help.

Stagshaw Land Rover

Stagshaw was born in the North East of England by a group of  highly skilled Land Rover enthusiasts. We are passionate about the iconic Defender and offer a unique, specialised level of expertise, for all your Land Rover needs.

Rebuilding an Icon

The heart of Stagshaw is rebuilding and renovating the iconic Defender. As such, we have access to inventory spanning every decade the Land Rover Defender was in production. We offer bespoke chassis up vehicle renovations to the ultimate customisation of the more modern vehicles. We will listen, design and reinvent your dream Defender. 

Start your journey

On or Off Road

The Defender was made as a work horse, a functional and versatile vehicle. However, we believe that you can still keep the soul of the vehicle yet rejuvenate the icon to make your journey more enjoyable on the road, or off it. We offer a selection of handling upgrades to fit the vehicles intended use and the look of the vehicle you desire.

A Legend Enhanced

After many years of restoring and enhancing the Defender we literally know the vehicles inside out. We can help you keep the character of the vehicle with improvements to the way it drives, handles and feels. We aim to deliver a vehicle that has all the key comfort, performance, and handling elements of a modern car yet maintains the heart and looks of the iconic Defenders. A legend, but enhanced!

Approved Dinitrol Centre

Stagshaw are officially approved as a Dinitrol Rust protection specialist. To keep your vehicle rust free, preparation is essential. A well protected chassis can extend the life of your vehicle almost indefinitely.  A Dinitrol protected vehicle is an investment in more ways than one. Rust protection can improve vehicle reliability, safety and improve any resale and long term financial investment.

Although Land Rovers are the majority of our works, we are able to undercoat and protect any chassis with skill and expertise. Just contact us for a estimate and we’ll have your vehicle on the ramp for a complete inspection.