Inspect, refurb, improve and replace.

Stagshaw specialises in complete hand built renovations.  Our process is to lovingly diss-assemble a donor vehicle and inspect every part. Everything from the chassis up is then refurbished or replaced with an as new or better.*  The finished article is in all ways a Defender, but improved.

The process starts based on information about your desired vehicle and intended use. Based on this design brief, we then specify and source a donor. Be it a recent 2016 TDCI Puma or your early 90 with a heritage feel. 

Prices start at £39,995 for a fully rebuilt early 90 to as new factory specification or better. Prices increase depending on the age and model of the donor vehicle required and the final level of finish. 

Contact us if you already own a Defender that you wish to improve or restore. Chassis changes and part rebuilds are of course available with prices based and your wish list and budget.  Anything is a possibility. 

All builds are completely documented and for complete restorations the owner presented with a personalised build portfolio and the vehicle marked with a bespoke Stagshaw build plaque. 

* If intended for export, certain parts are required to be refurbished instead of replaced.

Design and Concept

For a complete rebuild the choice is all yours. Working with you, we can identify the model that suits your needs the best. We will then able to find a suitable donor from our stock or source from a number of trusted suppliers. 

Be it an early TDi LHD for US export or a later TDCi Puma for home soil, all options are available. From then onwards we’ll work with you on the finer details.  Seating options, comfort level, audio improvements, interior functionality, urban commutor or wash down overlander. 

If you own a Defender already but wish to modernise it, improve it, colour change it or simply improve the look and feel in any way. We are happy to help.  

Strip down

Now the real fun starts. To do the job properly every build is literally stripped into its component parts. The chassis is inspected and either repaired or replaced (subject to export requirements). 

The axles, transmission, engine, brakes and suspension are disassembled and refurbished to better than new or replaced with upgraded alternatives. 

Bodywork is checked and repaired, interior is removed and prepared for renovation. Your vehicle will be reassembled with the upmost of care. The finished product will be as a minimum, better than new. 


Quality and control matters. Every part is laid out, checked, double checked then reassembled. Nothing is left to chance and the Stagshaw build manual is followed to the letter, overseen by our expertly trained mechanics. 

Anything that can be protected will be done. Parts are galvanised with Buzzweld overcoat or Dinitrol protected. We aim to make your vehicle better than new and stay that way for years to come. 

All body panels are inspected, repaired and readied for paint of your choosing and the choice of interior trim and seating options are finalised and assembled. You vison becomes a reality. Protected for years to come

Finishing touches

The final checks are arguably the most important. Your vehicle will be given the full Stagshaw treatment. Fully checked to ensure every rattle is silenced and every snag unsnagged. Your build plate is added and your build manual signed off. A thorough service, MOT, polish and valet and your pride and joy is readied for delivery.

Deliver and Drive

Either pickup or delivery, we will make sure you have a personal handover by your Stagshaw representative. You’ll be presented with a photographic build manual detailing the story of your build to keep.

Your representative will always be on hand to ensure that in the unlikely event you have any issues with your build we can correct them at any time from any location. 

We are proud of our builds and stand by them. Every one of our custom builds comes with an exclusive Stagshaw build warranty. 

New from £39,995*

Stagshaw offer a range of build options tailor made for your intended use.

All vehicles are built to an as new delivery specification based on your input and design brief. We’re here to help guide you through the build process to ensure we deliver you the vehicle you envisioned from the start. 

Each of our restoration builds are covered by a comprehensive Stagshaw build warranty, to prove we stand by the quality of our work. 

*Price is in GBP (£) and includes UK delivery and VAT. Based on a 90 specification rebuilt to factory specification as a minimum. Contact us for prices for part rebuilds if you already own a Defender of any model.