Chassis Replacements

Unless treated and cared for, Land Rovers and Defenders in particular suffer from corrosion. Where the chassis is not economically repairable or just for peace of mind, we offer a galvanised chassis replacement supplied from Marsland Chassis. We are experts in chassis swaps and offer a complete chassis change to galvanised with an optional extra layer of Buzzweld chassis protection on top. A chassis swap can be done to any defender and will extend the life of your beloved vehicle for many years to come. A clean chassis is also a sound investment in terms of low maintenance and sale.

Chassis replacements are not as financially daunting  and time consuming as you may think.  Costs vary depending on the extra work required after inspection of your vehicle. Replacement of other corroded parts, mounting brackets etc.  Contact us for details and we will be happy to discuss the process and offer an open and honest vehicle inspection on our ramp.