The Defender can still look and feel iconic, but with a touch of luxury too. We are able to completely transform your vehicles interior to suit your preference. Common choices start with plush interior and luxury Seating. All of our work is bespoke hand crafted artisan work and will be tailored to your vehicle or preference. 

Headlining can be covered in genuine Alcantara, Door cards and dash in a leather trim and stitching of your choosing and luxury noise absorbing carpet sets added.

Whatever your grumbles are with your current model, we can address those and provide you with a solution without ruining the look and feel of such a classic and iconic vehicle.

Sound Proofing

As standard, the Defender is not the quietest place to be. However, with a bit of work any Defender can be made to be a far more pleasurable driving experience.  We offer a range of internal soundproofing options using Silent Coat products to cover and isolate the entire cab from exterior vibration and road noise.

All of our sound proofing is of course professionally and discretely installed and can be applied in stages. We also offer a range of quality acoustic carpets to add a luxury finish to an otherwise hidden improvement.  

An added advantage of professionally applied sound insulation is a regulation of your vehicle’s internal temperature. Insulation keeps the cold out and the heat in. 

Audio Improvements

Anyone who owns a standard Defender will admit that the standard audio installation is pretty poor. This fact becomes even more apparent after applying sound insulation. To combat this we therefore offer a range of audio improvements from quality speaker changes to full Double Din Sat-Nav dashboard replacements including wireless car play, hidden amplifiers and sub woofersAll of our systems are of course professionally and neatly and discretely installed to ensure your vehicle remains clean and uncluttered.