Stagshaw are proud to be approved installer for BAS Remaps and performance upgrades. BAS is world renowned in the tuning world and have been developing and producing bespoke engine calibrations for Land Rovers in particular for years.   BAS use the most advanced programming tools and recalibration software available. Any performance upgrade is designed to improve drivability yet remain inside all safety parameters. 


Stagshaw know the Defender inside out and are well versed in solving it’s unfortunate querks. We will be able to diagnose any handling issues. Upgrade your defender feel, turning circle, solving issues with suspension and improve ride comfort.

Among others we work with Bilstein, Fox, Alive and offer a range of packages that vary depending on how you intend to use your Defender 

Our Comfort package is designed for owners that love the standard height of the vehicle but are simply frustrated by the agricultural handling.  We offer a performance package that tightens up the handling with slightly lowered springs, uprated roll bars and adjustable shocks to help with achieve better cornering and road feel. 

We also offer a host of off-road specific upgrades from winches to roll cages and expedition options to get you to where you need to go.


Stagshaw are experts in Defender Drive line improvements. From clutch upgrades, transfer box modifications, uprated output shafts to heavy duty axles, prop shafts and half shafts. We are also experts in auto conversions for those who love their Defenders but are frustrated with the heavy clutch in town traffic.

We know how to keep your Defender dependable and enjoyable.  We offer a free inspection and honest evaluation of your drive line to ensure your Defender doesn’t let you down. 

Among others we are proud to work with Winchester Gears, LOF and Ashcroft Engineering.